The Importance of a Reliable Motorhome Cover

A motorhome is a big investment, so whether it’s small 16-footer or a luxury 40-foot Class A model you need to do everything possible to protect it from weather damage and falling debris. RVs are usually seasonal vehicles, receiving the most use between spring and autumn, and it will spend the rest of the time in storage. While many of us would like to have a special garage for the job, it may not be geographically or financially possible. In these cases, an effective carport can provide the protection you need.

Natural Threats

The rubber and fiberglass components of your motorhome are susceptible to different types of damage from severe weather or simply falling debris. If you are forced to park your RV on the driveway, without any protection all winter, these components could start to suffer, which can cause aesthetic damage, lowering the resale value, and even some structural problems.

Ice and snow will cause deterioration on the RV, and even too much sunlight can cause fading and other problems. Then, if you have to park your motorhome near any trees or other large buildings, there’s a chance that falling objects could cause some damage.

The harshest weather of the year, in most regions of the country, will come during the winter months, when most people have stored their motorhomes. Without waterproof, UV protection, it’s an easy target for these natural threats, and they can reduce the lifespan of the vehicle along with the resale value.

Simple Solutions

Metal RV covers provide year-round, all-weather protection from the elements. It keeps the sun off and helps it stay dry while it’s in hibernation. There are a lot of options for these covers and carports, so you can get the one that perfectly fits your needs, and they are easier to install and more affordable that a full garage, so you can get a motorhome shelter that doesn’t break the bank.

We can provide single, double, and even triple motorhome covers so you can protect your investment all through the year. There’s a variety of options for the roofs, and we can provide end-to-end support when you want to custom build and price different covers. Take care of your RV and it will take care of you for years to come.

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