The New 2013 Motorhomes

With a new year coming up, comes newer vehicles. Not only newer vehicles, but newer motor homes. With the world of technology advancing year after year, motor homes are becoming more advanced as well as the years move forward.

1.2013 Challenger 37GT Motorhomes

The challenger 37gt is one of the best motorhomes to launch this new year. It has a kitchen that’s designed to entertain many, and a master bedroom that the parents will just admire. Not only that, the beds for the other guests are respectable as well.


new 2013 motorhome kitchen

This motorhome has a wonderful elongated sofa, with a kick up footrest. The kitchen is built with luxurious glassed wooden cabinetry to store all of your dining needs.

This gas powered motorhome has a revolutionary island built into the kitchen, making it feel just like home.  This 38 foot motorhome has a built in recliner combo with a hide a bed.  The motorhome also features a 32 inch hdtv flatscreen tv.






2.The Winnebago Tour

This luxurious beast is the ultimate motorhome. With extensions practically everywhere, you get the most out of every ounce of space that’s possible in a traveling motorhome. This motorhome comes with two bathrooms, a full on fridge. Don’t forget the outside movie theatre, that also converts into storage.

The driving is nice as well, with built in cameras in the perfect locations on the mirrors to assure you no more blind spots.  Winnebago, does a wonderful job by raising the bar, year after year. The kitchen is huge, with back rest counter tops, extensions built into the counter space.

The best part about this motorhome is, it’s just super nice and well worth the investment if you take care of it with one of those amazing rv motorhome covers.

The 2012 Essex Diesel Pusher

The exterior with the Essex has the best paint job on the market. It comes with awnings all around, that are steep with their angle, which eliminates puddles and leafs on top. The storage has a wonderful basement that has impressive space. There’s a 40 inch HDTV just built onto the exterior storage, which makes your outdoor parties funner. The cabinetry inside is glazed and sanded, which gives off an impressive rich luxurious look and feel. The coach also has an all electric option. Everything is perfectly functional when you’re driving down the road.  The bathrooms are very residential, with their spacious look and appeal. The Essex is one that you may want to look into though, great motorhome!

With any motorhome, it’s always important to protect it. Carportempire has the best RV carports that will help protect your new motorhome!

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