The Three Different Carport Roof Options

The wonderful thing about Carport Empire is we really take into consideration the type of roof that will best fit your carport. Roofs can make or break the look of a carport. Although looks aren’t everything, we understand that when you buy a carport you want it to look good.

The Regular Roof

The regular roof is the first roof option you have to choose from. The regular roof doesn’t have a sharp vertical design. The design is more rounded. The great thing about this is leafs or branches will still slide off the roof, nothing will get stuck. Yet, it will still look professional. The popular roof design is great for wider car ports and works really well in snow areas.

The A Frame

The A frame is the very basic and standard roof that goes on all of the standard carports. The affordability is great with the A frame and it still keeps every off the roof. With the A Frame the wind will no longer be a factor, it glides right up and past this wonderful roof design.

The Vertical

The vertical has the most narrow and sleekest design. It’s very close to the A frame. It works really well and is long lasting. The look is different and may people like the look the vertical gives off.


Ever design is a great design and the best part about Carport Empire is the quality, we really have the best quality.

Carport Roof Styles

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