Things to Consider When Building Your Carport

CarportsCarports are a valuable investment. A well-designed carport adds space to your home, and protects your vehicles and other items from bad weather and other risks. When you invest in something, you need to make sure that your money is well spent. Here are some important things you should consider when building your carport.

  • Location: Make sure that the place you choose to set up your carport has good drainage and is not too vulnerable to heavy winds or snow. Clear trees and shrubbery to reduce risks. Level, flat square ground with a concrete slab is ideal.
  • State and local regulations and neighborhood association rules: Keep these in mind to avoid unnecessary legal issues with the law and even neighbors. In most states, you need permission to locate your carport between the building frontage line and a street. You may need a building permit to erect the structure, whether it is freestanding or attached to your home.
  • Building material: Steel and aluminum carports are the popular choices these days. They come pre-fabricated, can be set up easily, and stand up to harsh weather conditions. They are also resistant to corrosion and pests. For added strength, the supporting posts are best embedded in concrete.
  • Structural design: One of the biggest advantages with metal carports is that you can design one on your own to meet your exact specifications. Of course, a reliable carport vendor will offer all the necessary guidance. Length, width and height would depend on your storage requirements. Keep design flexible so that you can upgrade whenever you want to. Think about the roof as roof pitch is important for overall performance. A slanting roof will make it easy to remove snow load. If your area is windy, make sure the roof angle is safe.
  • Certified or uncertified: A certified structure meets state and local building requirements for extreme weather conditions.

Other things you can consider are carport color and other aesthetics to blend with your home. Making all these decisions and choices is much easier with professional guidance.

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