Three Reasons Carports Are Increasing in Popularity

Do you purchase goods and services based on practicality or trend?  Most of us make a purchase based on both; products and services are produced and sold due to a practical demand, yet trends influence the markets.  The carport market is no different.  Carports certainly fulfill a need for car, truck, boat, and motor home owners, yet there are other reasons why the products are increasing in popularity.

For one, the purchase of carports can be considered a ‘green’ decision.  A 2005 study detected high traces of gasoline-related pollutants in homes that had an attached garage.  Conversely, homes in the same area that had carports rather than garages showed no traces of the pollutants.  In addition, carports use less or no natural resources such as wood.  It takes considerably less resources to construct a carport, and products such as metal carports use no wood at all.

Carports are versatile products.  Manufacturers offer single, double, or triple-sized items.  In addition, a multitude of models present choices in regard to how open or enclosed a consumer wants their carport to be. A carport can serve as a canopy protecting vehicles from snow, rain, sleet, and debris, or the product can be completely enclosed, functioning much like a traditional garage.

Furthermore, carports are stylish.  It is difficult to add flair or have the option of a lot of choices in regard to an attached garage.  Most garages must mirror the look of the house, leaving very little room for creativity.  Conversely, carports can look completely different from the adjacent house.  Also, carports can be freestanding and serve as solitary entities on your property; one can look completely different from your home while still looking chic.

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