Top 3 Uses for Carports…Other than a Vehicle Cover

I have talked to many people who have brought me their ideas for unique and useful uses of carports outside of using it as a normal vehicle shelter. And while there are many different uses that people are using carports for. I have compiled a list of the 3 top uses for carports other than being used as a vehicle cover.

  1. Picnic Area Covers – Many of our carports are used in picnic areas, picnic area covers, and as entertainment area shelters and covers. Both commercial and residential properties use our build to suit carports as covers for picnic areas, and social gathering areas.
  2. Shelters for Animals – We have a lot of animal/dog lovers out there and many of them just want a shelter to cover and defer some of the hot or inclement weather from animals while they may be outside. Our carports covers provide nice shade from the hot sun and a place to stay dry in afternoon showers. We see this more with our barn and lean-to carports; however we have seen an increase in the use of standards size carports for smaller pets, animals and dogs.
  3. Covered Outdoor Work Area – Many of our do-it-your-selfers just need some extra space to be able to work. Our utility carports have become a great option for this. They provide additional storage for tools, equipment, and lumber, and at the same time provide shelter from the hot sun, changing weather, afternoon showers, all while you are still able to be outside, and not clutter up the garage.

These are just a few of the more popular uses of carports with the exception of using them as a vehicle cover. If you are currently using a carport for a other purpose other than as a vehicle cover we want to invite you to share experiences with everyone.

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