Turn your Enclosed Metal Carport, Metal Garage or Metal Building into a Music Studio

Are you an up-and-coming professional music producer? Got a teenage future rock star in the house? Or is Dad aching to relive his own garage band glory days? Whether for professional use or just for fun, you can turn your enclosed metal carport, metal garage or metal building into a working music studio with a few simple soundproofing tricks.

If you’re a frazzled parent who just wants the noise kids call “music” these days to go away, you’ll want to make sure that the enclosed carport, garage or utility building where your teen and his friends will practice is soundproofed from the inside, so you can enjoy your home and garden in peace. If your carport, garage or building is being outfitted as a recording studio you want to keep exterior noises from entering your recording space. It’s important to know which soundproofing method does what. Here’s a quick rundown:

•    Sound Isolation creates a sound barrier between your recording space and any adjacent areas. This typically is achieved by using heavy materials to block exterior noise from coming into your studio.

•    Sound Absorption materials improve sound quality by reducing or controlling echo and reverberation.

•    Sound Diffusion materials distribute sound evenly throughout your space and prevent dead spots, allowing for proper mixing of your recordings.

A top sound controlling method with multiple non-noise related benefits is insulating your metal carport, metal garage or metal building. Fiberglass, foam board and reflective insulation all have noise reducing capabilities, particularly if several layers are installed. Cover your insulation with a sound absorbent drywall product like QuietRock, a drywall/fiber-cement sandwich with a sound-absorbing layer of visco-elastic polymer. If your structure has any small gaps, holes or cracks, seal them with foam board insulation, which can be sprayed either across the entire wall or used to fill in gaps where other insulation types can’t cover.

Cover the walls and windows of your enclosed steel carport, steel garage or steel building with heavy soundproofing blankets, made of insulation with a quilted cover. These are the same blankets you often see in furniture moving trucks and on freight elevators and they can absorb up to 60 percent of the noise in any room. Walls and ceilings of your carport also can be covered with acoustic panels or studio foam – that’s the egg carton-like pieces that you often see in images of recording studios and radio station broadcast rooms.

Floors and doors also are a consideration. Carpet the floor of your carport, garage or utility building, adding a sound-reducing carpet underlayment beneath it. This will help reduce the sound of footsteps and falling objects. Add an acoustic panel to your carport’s metal door, or invest in a soundproofing or sound isolation kit for your metal door or garage door.

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