Turning a Metal Building into an Efficient Storage Shed

Most homeowners will tell you they could always use extra storage space. After all, you acquire a lot of stuff when you own a home. Basements, garages, and attics turn into games of Tetris. You maneuver boxes and other knick-knacks trying to optimize the amount of space you have. But, eventually, there are no more moves to be made. You’re simply out of space. So, you turn to a storage shed. But how do you make sure the same thing doesn’t happen there? How do you get the most out of your storage shed?

First things first, since your storage shed will, most likely, be a stand-alone structure, you need material that will protect your belongings. You need a metal building. Metal buildings are easy to construct and they’re, by far, the most durable storage material. A metal building can withstand hurricane-force winds and monsoon-like downpours. Furthermore, metal buildings stand the best chance against earthquakes. Their flexibility allows them to move with the quake instead of cracking.

Now it’s time to get organized.

Find a practical location for your metal building. Ideally, your storage shed will be on a level surface in close proximity to its intended purpose. For example, if you plan to store farming equipment, it should be close to your fields. If you plan to store household items, it should be closer to your home.

Add shelves to your metal building. Putting up shelves or a loft is probably the most efficient way to optimize your storage space. This will help you avoid keeping everything on the ground, and provide extra space for stowing away items, like Christmas lights, that you don’t need year-round.

Leave space for aisles. You need to keep some space available to navigate your storage shed. Try leaving space for aisles to avoid clutter. This way, if you need to reach that old television collecting dust in the back corner, you can do so.

Color code your boxes. After a while, you’re bound to forget what’s in what box. In order to avoid this, try color coding your boxes, this way you avoid hours of rummaging through boxes.

Add practical amenities. Your storage shed is supposed to help you out, so let it. If you plan on storing heavy lawn equipment, add a ramp in front of it. If you plan on using your metal building as a work place, add a work bench. If need be, run an electrical line out to your metal building and install light bulbs.

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