Vehicle Carports

Carports are the perfect way to keep your vehicle and other possessions protected from exposure to nature’s elements such as rain, hail, or even heat from the sun. Enclosing a carport can easily be done and you can install whichever size you need; single, double or even a triple design. Whether you need a carport for a car, truck, boat, or even farm equipment, it can be done! Besides the obvious benefits carports have, there are several other benefits that installing a carport can give you.


  • Increases the resale value of your house
  • Simple installation
  • Very affordable
  • Some models can be disassembled and relocated, if needed
  • Customizable for your preferences

Even though the top and frame of these structures are very lightweight, they are however extremely durable and sturdy. Some models are open on the sides, but some designs may have full or partial sides, providing even greater protection from the elements of nature. Carports come in a number of different widths and heights. Metal carports can be found to comfortably fit one to three cars depending on if you are in need of a single carport, double carport, and triple carport. They also come in a diversity of colors and you can choose the color that matches your vehicle or house.

Certified or Non-certified

Whether you are in need for single, double or triple sized carports, they can either be certified or non-certified. Certification is available on all of our carport designs and certified structures are backed by an engineer’s stamped approval. Non-certified carports are not load rated but are perfect for agricultural uses like a farm equipment shelter.

A carport can be a useful addition to your home. They offer protection and safety on your vehicles against unpleasant occurrences. A carport not only increases the value of your home, it looks and gives your home a bit of a personal touch.

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