Vent Your Horse Barn

Horse Barns There is nothing more important to horse owners than the health of their animals. Good air quality is necessary for animal health. Regardless of the type of horse barn you choose to buy, make sure it has a proper ventilation system – one that ensures fresh air for your horses. Good horse barns are those that bring in fresh air and drive out stale air.

Unlike in simple storage barns, the air in horse stables is affected much more by moisture, odor, mold, and dust. Ammonia can also affect interior air quality. There are the seasons to think of too – you need to ensure that your barn doesn’t get too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter. Proper ventilation can eliminate or minimize all these issues. The most comfortable temperature for a horse is in the range of 45-75°F. Here are some guidelines to ensure the ideal temperature with a natural ventilation system in your horse barn:

  • As ventilation depends on the wind forces, make sure your barn is located in a spot that favors the entry of fresh air and exit of stale air
  • Have permanent openings at the eaves and ridge to remove moisture during winter and to control heat during summer
  • Build your barn with ‘breathable’ walls
  • Install windows and doors that allow the entry of fresh air
  • Having open partitions inside the barn promotes air flow and improves air quality
  • Prevent condensation problems with insulation on the underside of the roof
  • Have a heating system installed to prevent freezing. One or more chimneys are useful for exhaust
  • Avoid overhead hay storage to prevent air quality problems
  • Ventilating fans can be used to remove warm, stale air
  • Use a maximum-minimum temperature to monitor your horse environment. In winter, ensure that the temperature is not 5 to 10°F warmer than the outside

Always purchase your horse barn from a reliable portable storage building company. This is the best way to ensure professional guidance to deal with ventilation issues as well as end-to-end installation support. You can even price out a structure to meet your needs and budget.

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