Versatile and Affordable Metal Pole Barns to Suit Your Needs

The story of the pole barn goes back many centuries. Poles were used to erect sheds or temporary structures along shorelines and in areas prone to water logging. It was easy to sink poles into the ground and connect them with lumber. Pole barns were preferred to traditional barns as they were equally strong and durable but used less lumber. Interest waned because of the short life span of the wooden poles which made them unacceptable except in very dry areas or when the wood used was rot-resistant.

Durable Metal Pole Barns

Well, all this has changed with the arrival of versatile and affordable metal pole barns. Carport manufacturers now offer pole barns made of heavy-duty frames, roof and side panels that both durable and attractive. If you need some extra cover on your property, there are many reasons why a metal pole barn is the ideal solution.

  • It can be used as horse barn, storage area, garage, workshed, event venue, or recreation space
  • A steel pole barn is strong and weather-resistant. It can resist severe winds and is ideal in areas threatened by hurricanes and high tides
  • It is fireproof and involves less maintenance than conventional barns
  • It allows good ventilation and airflow and minimizes problems of dust, humidity, and other irritants
  • A pole building can be as large as you want it to be without much foundation material or interior support. Single, double and triple section pole barns are available
  • Certified pole barns, built to meet building codes, zoning ordinances, local environmental regulations, offer solid protection for livestock and expensive equipment

Customize Your Pole Barn

An established distributor like Carport Empire can provide an open-air or fully enclosed metal pole barn or one that is a combination of these. You can choose from various side wall heights, roof styles and trims, and door types. The right kind of professional support can help you tailor a versatile and affordable pole barn to suit your needs.

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