Versatile and Affordable Pole Barns for Your Storage Needs

Pole barns are versatile and affordable when compared to other types of barns. It’s no wonder that they’re such a popular option for housing livestock, horses, grain, and many other goods.

There are many things that drive the interest in these barns:

  • You can set up a pole barn quite easily as the structure consists of just a simple frame of long poles and a roof.
  • It is also more affordable to construct than other types of barns. In a conventional framed barn, a solid foundation and a series of walls are necessary to support the structure’s weight. A pole barn is different as the building’s weight rests of the poles. So you can build a large structure with just the bare earth for a floor – without an elaborate foundation or load bearing walls. Of course, you can also have a concrete floor if you want to.
  • The poles or posts are embedded at a depth of about 4 feet in the earth or concrete. The ground can shift easily around the poles and cold or thaw cycles wouldn’t affect your barn at all.
  • As you can have a large interior or double or triple sections, you can easily accommodate your animals and still have storage space left for heavy machinery, equipment, tractor, and other large objects. Modern pole barns are even used as a venue for picnics and other outdoor events.
  • Certified steel pole barns can withstand for heavy snow loads and wind speeds of 110mph, 130mph or 150mph.

Steel pole barns come with many customization options. You can have an open air structure or an enclosed one. Triple section barns can even have a drive-thru center bay. With a wide range of choices for roof styles and eaves, windows, doors, and several color options for side panels and trim, your pole barn can be as versatile as you want it to be.

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