Warding off Thieves from Your Garage, Carport or Storage Building

As our economy continues to struggle, property crime is on the rise, and law enforcement officials in many cities say they’re seeing thieves stake out residential garages, carports and storage buildings during the day, then return to rob them by night. Carport Empire offers several tips on warding off thieves from your property.

Be sure to lock all doors and windows of your enclosed garages and storage buildings. If you have an open unit, such as an open carport, vehicle cover, bus cover or boat cover, keep it well lit. All of our buildings and covers can be outfitted with electricity. Plus, solar or battery operated lights are available at any hardware store. Install lights on the exteriors of your units, or keep interior lights on. Thieves will think someone is inside and pass your property by. Also consider placing small solar path lights along the walkways leading up to your garage, carport or storage building. A well lit path is not one that a robber wants to take. Some also suggest leaving a radio or small television set on inside, making would-be thieves believe that someone is nearby.

Installing a video camera or mock video camera on the exterior of your garage, carport or storage building also helps fend off ne’er do wells. Video footage means evidence.

There are lots of ways to protect your Carport Empire garage, carport or storage building. Check with your local law enforcement authorities for additional tips and any recent news of thefts in your area.

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