What type of carport building do you need?

thumbs_dw-classic-carport-3Carports serve a multitude of purposes. They offer protection for your vehicle, create a covered area for tools and workspace and can become an extension of your home, encouraging you to spend more time outside in a covered, shaded environment. Of course, one carport won’t meet all of these needs.

Carports come in different shapes and sizes, and serve separate purposes. Before you start construction on your carport, take the time to evaluate your options and determine what type of carport building will best suit your needs.

Permanent Structures vs. Portable Carports

In a lot of situations, the item you wish to house in a carport is portable. In fact, many items that call carports their home are forms of transportation, such as cars, RVs and boats. When this is the case, portable carports may be more appropriate than permanent structures.

Portable carports offer the same weather shielding and privacy as permanent carports, but the device is not permanently installed into the ground. This may come in useful for seasonal transport or other situations that require you to move your carport from one place to another.

Of course, there are some environments where portable carports aren’t as reliable as more permanent structures. Permanent carports are able to withstand high-force winds and can be secured with lock, key and even an alarm system to maintain the safety of your equipment.

Finding a Carport that is Right for You

The right carport for your needs will depend on the items you have to house in it. There are several fundamental considerations you’ll want to make:

  • Does it need covering? Most carports have a solid roof, but not all have the sides boxed off as well. Consider what you’ll be keeping in your carport and the level of protection it will require from the elements.
  • Does it need a lock? A lot of carports use tarps and gates for covering. If you are going to be using your carport to store valuable material, then you may want to consider more permanent structures like those made out of aluminum so you have more control over access into the structure.

There are other factors you should consider when contemplating carports, including the size of the structure you will need. Make sure that the carport structure you choose will accommodate your equipment both through height and width.

One carport may not meet all of your needs, but with carports in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials there is one, or multiple, for everyone. A carport may be just the addition you are looking for to complete your next project.

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