Which is the Best Carport for you?

Deciding which type of carport/enclosed building is best for you is the first step to having a Carport Empire perfect structure.

Questions you should ask yourself as you are making your selection include:

• First, a good solid cover, or a completely inclosed building?
• Or, a completely enclosed building with a covered carport on the side?
• What about size? One vehicle? Two vehicles? A car, a boat, and a truck? Even more? Perhaps more of a barn for agriculture than a carport?
• And, what size vehicle(s)? Just for a car, large pickup truck, trailer, boat, or RV?

All of these questions come into play determining the right structure for you. Every Carport Empire structure is delivered with your specific needs – present and future – in mind so all of these questions make a difference when planning for you.

Other things to keep in mind are the standard questions, like color, any special materials needed during construction, and what climate the structure will ultimately be placed in.

Because Carport Empire has such deep experience creating the perfect structure, almost any situation you come up with for customization to your specific needs can often be cheerfully accommodated with ease.

Certified Carport Empire structures are built to comply with your state and local building codes where permitting is required, and are backed by an engineered seal of approval. Units are also rated to withstand heavy windloads and snowloads, if required.

Uncertified Carport Empire structures are typically intended for agriculture use or where permitting is not required, and are not backed by engineered plans.

Carport Empire’s build and price system helps you create and price-determine custom carports, motor home covers, steel garages, and barns. You can use the system on www.carportempire.com or call 800-985-7678 if you have any questions.

Let your imagination drive your dreams to your ideal Carport Empire structure, then let the Carport Empire professionals help you complete the ideal carport, building, or combination structure.

Just to make sure everything is easy, Carport Empire has its own friendly financing system. Carport Empire is proud to be a sponsor of NASCAR Number 39, driven by Fain Skinner.

Follow Fain and Number 39 at www.carportempire.com or www.fainskinner.com

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