Why Trust your Valuables to a Steel Storage Building?

If you have valuables you need to store outside of your home, there are reasons aplenty to choose a steel storage building by Carport Empire. Growing up, I remember a small, wooden storage shed that stored my parents’ paperwork and sometimes doubled as my playhouse. I also remember seeing that wooden shed come down, weakened by the Florida sun, rain and one nasty termite infestation. These are just a few of the reasons that steel makes more sense for storage buildings of any size.

Unlike wooden sheds, steel storage buildings are resistant to damage by exposure to the sun and rain. Carport Empire’s certified steel storage buildings also are engineered to withstand heavy snow loads for our cold-weather clients, and winds of 110 mph, 130 mph and 150 mph – an important consideration if you live in areas that are prone to tornadoes and hurricanes (in fact, steel homes are popular choices in many of these areas). Steel storage buildings also are safer in high wind and earthquake-prone areas, because steel sways while other materials like brick or concrete crumbles.

With a steel storage building, you’ll also avoid costly damages by termites and other wood boring bugs and critters. Carport Empire’s steel storage buildings and other structures, including automobile and motorhome carports, covers and enclosed garages, are built completely wood-free. And steel is less susceptible to fire damage too. So, whether you’re storing important paperwork and family records, Grandma’s antique armoire or your favorite fishing rods, a steel storage building makes the best choice for protection.

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