Why You Need To Protect Your Car From The Sun

One of the most important benefits that carports offer is protection from the sun. Now, your car doesn’t get sun burned like a regular person would, but the sun will corrode the paint overtime. Too much sun can make the paint fade and look dull. It can even start to peel. If you have a sofa for example, and if the sun hits it every day, in just 6 months the color of the sofa will fade and change. Cars have stronger paint than sofas, but the sun will always win in the end.

When a car is brand new, it will have a nice, glossy sheen. Unfortunately, over the years, you’ll see it start to dim and change as the sun beats down on it. By the time the car is around 5 to 7 years old, the color will really start to show its age. And it’s not just the exterior that suffers – the interior seating will slowly start fading as well. If the car is left out in the sun all day and every day, it’s worse. Over time the paint can corrode so badly it will rust out. Too much direct sunlight (meaning all day and every day)is simply not healthy for your car’s condition.

Preserving Value

When cars start fading, so does the resell value. This means you can look at your carports as a kind of investment. When you preserve the appearance of your car, you will be able to sell it for more, and sell it faster, too. If your car has suffered a lot of sun damage, you could get a new paint job before selling it, but that can cost you thousands of dollars, which and may not be worth the time and money. When you purchase a new metal carport, what you’re doing is protecting all of the cars. It’s about more than just keeping the snow and rain off your vehicles. It’s about preserving the appearance and value of your car over the years.

All-Around Protection

Carports are amazing at protecting your car from the sun as well as many other elements that can impact your car over time. While a good carport will protect your vehicle from damaging sunlight, it will also help manage severe temperature changes. When the sun has been beating down on your car it can make the temperature of your car go above 110 degrees. In the south, the sun can really roast your car and the temperatures can get out of control inside the car on a hot sunny day. Carports will help keep the temperatures under control and protect the interior of the vehicle.

Simply put, carports are worth the investment. They really do protect your car from the harsh elements, whether it’s the glaring sun or freezing snow. A carport is an investment in the future of your vehicles so don’t wait to start preparing for the seasonal changes.

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